Cirkobalkana Festival 2015 will be held from 26 September to 4 October in Belgrade, in the yard of an old brick factory. The emphasis of this year’s Cirkobalkana program is placed on residential program, as part of which performances “Radovan” was created, the education through workshops within the project of the Laboratory of circus art and the presentation of circus scenes region through the Open Stage.

Cirkobalkana is a project of international cooperation of circus organizations that launched this project in 2013, Cirkusfera, Cirkorama and “Le Cirk’Oblique”.
The main intention Cirkobalkana is that, besides setting up a circus tent as an independent educational, creative and performing space, teach circus local organizations and artists about the performance, creation and sustainability as “traveling” performances and a circus tent, and to establish contact with local audience and circus artists in the region.
To this year Cirkobalkana circus arts troops “My! Laika” from France joins the project, through its own project “Side kunst cirque” and the play “The great tegada”.
This year’s Cirkobalkana is also the beginning of a long-term project “Cirkobalkana platform”, which is supported by the Balkan art and culture fund’s (BAC), and which is connected to Bosnia and Herzegovina through participation Factorie of joy from Banja Luka and a circus school Turbulli from France .Last year’s Cirkobalkana was part of the program Bitef Polyphony and this year in Zagreb took place as part of the Rendez-vous Festival (Festival of France in Croatia).
Addition to this year’s festival are workshops of circus pedagogy, which will be held in KPGT from 5 to 9 October.
More information about the festival can be found at the